How can I make a reservation
Reservations are accepted either by telephone
or through Reserve. A 24-hour prior notice is required for cancellation; otherwise a cancellation fee of $30 per person will be incurred.

I want my party to seat at the sushi bar
Request for sushi bar seating is not guaranteed. However, we will do our best to accommodate such request. Seating at the sushi bar are usually made days in advance and depending on availability. Please note that reservations are booked on a first-call basis at the Sushi Bar. Priority status is given to requests made via telephone. Request for sushi bar seating made through Open Table is not guaranteed.

Is there a minimum amount to order per person?
Yes. the minimum order is $95.00 for food only, excluding alcoholic drinks.

My party is seated but a friend called and wants to join us only for drinks.
Your friend may join your party depending on the next reservation and seating availability but he or she still has to meet the minimum order of $95.00 per person for food applies.

I can't finish the Omakase, I'll have a friend come by and finish it for me.
Depending on timing and seating availability, your friend may certainly join your party; however, he or she still has to meet the minimum order of $95.00 per person for food, excluding alcoholic beverage.

How long does it take to dine at Maruya?
When dining at Maruya, guests can expect to dine for 1.5 to 2 hours. We allot plenty of time for dining, we ask to be mindful of the next seating.

I do not eat raw fish; what are my choices?
Though we would love to accommodate your dietary restrictions, Maruya is foremost a sushi restaurant. Its focus is to provide a dining experience for sushi lovers. The choices are very very limited for an individual who does not eat sushi and one may not find the result of a last-minute food preparation enjoyable.

Do you have a children's menu?
We do not have children's menu.

I am running late; can I push back my reservation time?
Pushing back your time will result in affecting the next reservation seating. When making reservation, leave a telephone number where we can
reach you in case you are running late and we will do our best to accommodate the tardiness If your party is seated at the sushi bar, we may have to shift your seating to a table.

Can I reserve for a party of 6 or more?
We can host a party of 6 to 8 people in our private
dining room.

What are my dining options in the private room?
We only offer Chef's Omakase when dining at the private room. After the course, a diner can order from the a la carte menu.

We have a party of less than 6, and we prefer to be seated in the dining room.
The dining room is for a party of 5 or more that specifically requests for the private room. If your party is less than 5, there will be a charge of $250.00 for use of the private room. A 20% service charge is added to any party of 5 or more.

A 24-hour prior notice is required for cancellation. Any cancellation within a 24-hour period from the time of reservation or a "no-show" will incur
a cancellation fee of $30 per person.

Kindly understand, guests who fail to arrive within
20 minutes from the time of their reservation and
we have not heard from them, we will have to
cancel your reservation.